Who We Are

Linda Saint

I opened the agency in 1997 after working as a Literary Agent at The Talent Group, an agency with multiple locations throughout Canada. I was hired and trained by Lawrie Rotenberg, one of the finest agents I have had the privilege to work with.

I started my career in film at Partners Film Company back in the late 80’s working on commercials. We did commercials for KFC, various cars, many chocolate bars and one notable upstart Bell Mobility. One day they gave me a cell phone to use. It was the size of a Miata and of course, we couldn’t use it because it cost 49 bucks a minute or something like that. Once, when I was finished my 10 second call but neglected to hit “end” and we got a bill for thousands of dollars for the use of the cell phone. Whoops!!! Then I got my dream job working on shows up at CFTO in Toronto. Game shows, children’s shows and talk shows. I got to work with many celebrities and tv stars. We talked about “the coast”, dropped movie star names and lunched in the commissary. Fancy word for a cafeteria but hey, it was show business. I moved up the ranks and happily worked there for many years.

When Lawrie Rotenberg suggested I try my hand at being at agent, I laughed out loud at the thought. I always thought agents were (rich old men) who smoked cigars and made deals in the back room. Mike Ovitz didn’t smoke cigars but he sure seemed mean and he was definitely rich. And, don’t forget Swifty Lazar (I bet he smoked cigars). I thought, I couldn’t do that, it just isn’t me. Then I thought about it again and decided to try it out but do it my own way. And, you know, I have actually come to love a good cigar in the back room!!

Over time I have come to love being an agent. Now I know when to pedal and when to coast. 9 years at The Talent Group and 15 at TSA. Yup. 15 years. Wow. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.