What We Do

I have agonized over what to say about my literary agency for a while now. Something witty and fresh. Gosh, people might read this and I want them to think I’m sort of interesting.

I even searched other agent’s websites for inspiration to no avail. I did learn that most of my colleagues have very little to say. Most read, “We’ve been in business for 86 years now and represent the #1 writers, or #1 cinematographers, or, well, you get the idea. Combined they have been agents for 1,983 years!

The Saint Agency specializes in the professional and personalized representation of writers, directors, cinematographers, production designers and editors. We promote talent to producers and broadcasters in the entertainment industry. We manage client’s business affairs, negotiating and papering contracts for them. We keep our ear to the ground to find them work. We listen to our clients. We respond to their dreams and schemes. Sometimes we point out the problems with their dreams and schemes ….. but still, we listened and we talked about it.

We do have a few rules here at TSA. We only represent people we like. We only represent talent who are creative, smart and who share our work ethic, which is: Take every gig seriously and do your level best to bring your “A” game to the table. I know TSA clients all work in an honest and forthcoming manner. That’s why it is important that we represent artists who have their feet on the ground and only those who have expectations within reason and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

So, that’s it. We’ve been The Saint Agency since 1997. We have had countless projects developed into television shows and movies. Our clients all excel in their chosen fields – we have had many walks to the podium over the years. That’s fun. Our clients work on shows for every broadcaster from Tvo to HBO.

Our cinematographers deliver simply the best looking shows cameras can shoot. Our writers write, designers design, directors direct, cinematographers shoot and then our editors make the entire show come together seamlessly in post. Every day is different and every client brims with energy and new ideas every day. Constantly entertaining.

We are proud to also represent a few high profile publishers’ roster of books. We are constantly seeking out appropriate novels to adapt for the screen. And we are looking for the right producer to realize the author’s vision.

Within our website we have listed our clients names only. We cannot list cv’s because they change too often. One phone call or e-mail from you and we will happily get a cv off to you. We do have links to client’s reels and websites where appropriate. We would like to hear from you though – we work best when we know a bit about the show you are trying to develop or staff and then we can point you to those clients who might have the right background to help you get there. I’m sure we have the exact mix of credits you are looking for. Just ask. We try to be a tremendous resource for producers.